Sunday, 22 January 2012


Mass communication means simultaneous communication with the masses.  The vehicles of mass communication are known as mass media.  The mass media mainly belong to two major categories.
1)    Print Media
2)   Electronic Media
The print media include newspapers, books, pamphlets, while radio, TV, Satellite, CTV, Cinema, multimedia websites etc are the part of electronic media.
Roles of mass media:
            The communication scholars and researchers have identified four basic roles for the media.
            Surveilance,   Interpretation,         Socialization and      Entertainment
1)    Surveilance: This refers to the news and information role of mass media. This role can be sub divided into
 1) Warning surveillance
Warning Surveillance: associated with news media such as information about flood military attack and depressed economic conditions.
2)Instrumental surveillance: It is associated with both news and popular media.

2)   Interpretation: it is the function of media. It provides a context for new information and commentary about its significance and meaning. Traditionally newspapers provided such interpretation in their editorial and commentary sections.  Vast amount of television reporting seems to have blended the news reporting and commentary function.
3)   Socialization: Socialization roles have the transmission of values within a society.  Also media have to modeling of appropriate behavior and attitudes.  The socialization role for the media gives people a common discussion topic.
Media can be quote influential particularly on young people regarding common taste in fashion, hair styles, art, music.
Television and film have the greatest potential for socialization because they seem to be the most realistic.
It educates people and makes them capable on various fronts.
It generates enthusiasm in the minds of the specific subject and modify views on particular issues.
It provides information.
It helps in social revolution and transformation.
4)   Entertainment: it is related to the function of mass media.  Otherwise it is called the diversion function, because it diverts the audience from real world through film, television, paints have been able to attract audiences around the globe.
It has been subdivided into following three categories.
a)    Stimulation
b)   Relaxation
c)    Release

Other Functions:
Media upgrades the human knowledge by adding the new information through both conventional as well as unconventional methods; media enables the spread of education.
In the individual context
·         It provides knowledge
·         It gives way to commercial success
·         It enforces and adjusts behavioral pattern
·         It helps in socialization
·         It creates legends
Public watch Dog or Establishment of Democracy:
Mass media’s functions of shaping, guiding and reflecting the people is opinion has helps in establishment democracy.  This sort of use of media asserts critical awareness among the mass.
Safeguarding democrazy:
Mass media plays a very important role in political scenario access to public opinion is only possible through media.  Media is essential for both leaders and public.
In the organizational context:
It Serves as an essential tool for direction
It assists in decision making
It builds good employer and employee relations
It facilitates the basic management process
It promotes leadership effectiveness