Monday, 27 February 2012


 It is introduced by Elizabeth Noelle and Neumann in 1984. It is very important and controversial  theory also and a form of   Agenda Setting Theory.

Public opinion is the concept of the Spiral of Silence also  it describe the process of public opinion formation.    It Focused on Macro level rather than micro level consequences. 

 It may find out the view he hold or losing ground. Observations made in one context spread to another and encouraged people either to proclaim their views or swallow them to keep quiet until. 

A spiral of Silence is a process here the one view dominated the public scene and the other disappeared from public awareness as it supporter became mute.  In other words because of people when they are in the minority, fear of isolation or separation from those around them, they tend to keep their attitudes to themselves.

Reason for Spiral of Silence
The Media because of a variety of factors, tend to present one side of an issue to uncover and register that opposing view Which further encourages those people to keep quiet. 

Strength of Spiral of Silence
It has Macro and Micro level explanatory theory. 
It is dynamic theory.
Accounts for in Public Opinion especially during campaign.
Raises important questions concerning the role and responsibility of news media
It has overly pessimistic view of media influence on average people.
Ignores other simpler explanations of silencing
Ignore possible demographic in cultural differences in the silencing effect
Degrade power of community to counteract than silencing effect.


Product of Bandwagon effect or Production
Depend upon the individual factors, if you feel very strongly about the issue you might not want to remain silent even if isolation  is a threat.
It is faulted and underestimating the power of the people communities organization
Noelle Newman’s research to the American Situation and the media can actually move people to speak up rather than remain silent.