Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mass Communication

Mass Communication
Mass communication is the extensive tool of group communication by the tools of mass communication such as books, the press, the cinema, radio, television, video and the internet. The term  mass communication came into use in the late 1930.

Daniel Lerner termed mass media  as mobility of multipliers and
  Wilbur Schramm considers them to be magic multipliers.

 Mass Communication is a communication at a distance with technology meditations, production transmission and reception.
Mass communication is characterized by the transmission of complex messages to large and diverse audiences using sophisticated technology and communication.
Mass media refers to the institution that provides such message, newspaper, magazines, television, radio film and multimedia websites.

Mass communication means different things to people.

Elements of mass communication:

    1.   Source:The source of mass communication message, generally is a person or group operating within an organizational setting or a multiple entity.
Examples of sources are news reporters, television producers and magazine editors, film company ( work of different entity).

     2.   Messages:  Mass media messages are sophisticated and complex. The message in interpersonal communication may be simple words short sentences and elaborate. Eg. A magazine article, novel , newspaper colums, music, video and bill board advertisement.

     3.   Channels: Channels of mass media also called mass vehicle. It involves one or more  aspects of technology.
Camera , cable, modems and satellites

4.AudiencesAudiences are heterogeneous means that they are both large and diverse. They are made up of groups of people with dissimilar back ground, demographics and social, political 

5.Feedback:  It is minimal in mass media message is flow typically one way from source to receiver.

6.Noise: The noise  exists in the mass context. Noise may be sematic environmental or mechanical . It may be called as Barriers.Barriers are any abstacles or difficulties that come in the way of commercial.

Mass media spread over a vast geographic area. Such audiences are brought together  by a single share interest in the particular message available through the mass medium.

The audience essentially remain anonymous but selfselected who turn to a particular television or who read particular magazine.

The most obvious features of the mass media is that they are designed to reach the many of more or anonymous audiences. There is exist only asymmetrical relation.

In here the sender is often the organisation it self or professional communicators(Journalist, producer, entertainer).  

The content or message of mass communication is typically manufactured in standardized ways and is used and repeated in identical forms. 

It has generally lost its uniqueness and originating through reproduction and over use.

Large scale distribution and reception.

One directional flow.

The key features of mass communication  is to reach the entire population rapidly and with much the same information, opinions and entertainment. Also the audience get stimulation in equal means of great impact and influence.