Monday, 16 January 2012

Aristotle’s Communication Model- Communication Theory

Aristotle’s Communication Model

Aristotle’s Model of Communication”  is the the earliest mass communication model .
It was initiated by Aristotle a great philosopher. He proposed this model before 300 B.C .
He found the importance of audience role in communication chain.
This model is more focused on public speaking than interpersonal communication.

5 Basic elements
(i) Speaker,
(ii) Speech,
 (iii) Occasion,
(iv) Audience
(v) Effect.

Aristotle’s Communication Model
Aristotle advises speakers to build speech for different audience on different time (occasion) and for different effects.

Basic Concept:
Speaker plays an important role in Public speaking.
The speaker must prepare his speech
Analysis audience needs before he enters into the stage.
His words should influence in audience mind and persuade their thoughts towards him.

Example:Hitlor gave brave speech to his soldiers in the war field to defeat Russion/ England Army.
Speaker           -    Hitlor
Speech            -    about his invasion
Occasion        -    II World War field
Audience        -    Soldiers
Effect              -    To defeat Russia