Photography Composition

  1.       What is the primary function of composition in photography? A) To capture light B) To arrange visual elements pleasingly C) To set the camera's exposure D) To develop film 2.       How does Adam Long describe photo composition? A) A technical arrangement of camera settings B) A pleasing arrangement of objects within a rectangle C) The process of editing photos D) The use of special effects in photography 3.       Why is composition compared to the skeleton of a human body in photography? A) It provides a rigid structure to the photo B) It keeps everything together, supports the visual elements, and makes the frame look dynamic C) It determines the color balance D) It dictates the type of camera to use 4.       What does the rule of thirds in photography composition entail? A) Placing the main subject in the center of th

Screenplay Format

  Setting Up Your Document Screenwriting software : Final Draft, which is the world’s leading screenplay formatting software, and used in the offices of all the big executives, agents, producers and studios.  Paper : US screenplays are printed on Letter size pape r, 8.5″ by 11 ″. The international standard for much of the rest of the world is A4, 8.27″ X 11.7″. Screenplay Font : Courier 12pt. Spacing : The spacing between lines alternates between single and double according to the type of text. Margins : The top and bottom margins are usually 1”, but the margins on the left and right vary according to what type of text it is. Cover page : Your cover page should include the title of your script, your name, and your contact information. Page number : Page numbers are located at the top to the far right. You do not need a page number on your first page. Page length : Screenplays are typically between 90 and 120 pages. One page is the approximate equivalent to one minute of screen time. Co

Berlo’s Model of Communication- the SMCR model

  The Berlo’s model of communication takes into account the emotional aspect of the message. Berlo’s model of communication operates on the SMCR model. In the SMCR model S - Stands for  Source M -  Message C -  Channel R -  Receiver Let us now study the all the factors in detail: S - Source The source, also known as the sender, is the one who has the  thought originates. He is the one who transfers the information to the receiver after carefully putting his thoughts into words. How does the source or the sender transfer his information to the recipient ? the source or the sender transfer his information to the recipient    with the help of communication skills, Attitude, Knowledge, Social System and Culture. Communication Skills An individual must possess excellent communication skills to make his communication effective and create an impact among the listeners. The speaker must know where to take pauses, where to repeat the sentences, how to speak a particular sentence, how to pronoun

A stage play Script

  Proscenium Stage The proscenium is the most popular type of theater stage. The stage faces out and is well known for its curtain, which separates the production from the audience.  Thrust Stage The thrust stage brings the audience closer to the production. The stage itself and the surrounding audience chairs form a semicircle. Theater in the Round The “theater in the round” quite literally gives the audience a unique perspective every time they see the play. It also changes the dynamic of how you present scenes. A  stage play  is a story written that’s intended to be performed in a theater. Stage plays usually include a character glossary (dramatis personae), setting and time, and outlined act and scenes. Intermissions and act/scene-endings are almost always written into the script, as are stage directions, dialogue, and actions. Famous Types of Stage Plays: Comedies Dramas Tragedies Histories Satires Musicals Farces Guide to play script formatting The first is the title page — which