Monday, 16 January 2012

The Newcomb’s Model

THEODORE M.NEWCOMB (July 24, 1903) 
A great pioneer in the field of social psychology.
 Merely 50 years he worked for the improvement of human motivation, perception and learning to shape the deep understanding of social process.

He published a new social approach in field of communication which is called “ABX” system (later it became Newcomb’s model)
The New Comb’s model of communication/“ABX” model of communication.

•He gives different approach to the communication process.

The main purpose of this theory is to introduce the role of communication in a social relationship (society) and to maintain social equilibrium within the social system.

He does not include the message as a separate entity in his diagram.

He concentrates on the social purpose of communication, showing all communication as a means of sustaining relationships between people.

The Newcomb’s Model
The Newcomb’s model works in a triangular format or A-B-X system
A – Sender
B – Receiver
X – Matter of Concern
The relationship between A and B is like student and teacher, government and public or newspaper and readers.
Sender and Receiver may work in a same flow but the same time some factor like “X” may affect their flow of relationship. 
“X” it may be third persons, issue, topic or policy.