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Sunday, 14 December 2014


Abbreviations as shortcuts in scripts. Here are some others.
b.g. = background b.g. is used in an action paragraph.
CGI = computer generated image:CGI denotes action that cannot be filmed normally and will require the use of computers to generate the full imagery, as used in films like The Matrix.
f.g. = foreground. f.g. is used in action the same as b.g., except the action takes place in the foreground.
SFX = sound effects. SFX tells the sound people an effect is needed.
SPFX = special effects
M.O.S. = without sound the story goes that a German-born director Sternberg, who discovered &wanted to shoot a scene without sound and told the crew to shoot "mit out sound," a phrase which the crew found humorous and thus proliferated it. It is most commonly used to show impending impact of some kind.
POV = point of view The camera 'sees' the action from a specific character's position
A MONTAGE is a cinematic device used to show a series of scenes, all related and building to some conclusion. Although a French word, it was created by Russian director Sergei Eisenstein as a "montage of attractions" to elicit emotions on several levels. 
The MONTAGE is formatted as a single shot, with the subsequent scenes action elements of the complete sequence. It isn't necessary, but some writers write END OF MONTAGE when the montage is completed.

A MATTER OF STYLESome writers will incorporate a series of shots into a script without noting it as such. This generally contributes to a smoother flow of the action. The action lines might be short, descriptive sentences on separate lines.
Once in a while, it's necessary to write dialogue with a series of SHORT LINES. One example might be if your character is reciting poetry, or singing a song.
Song lyrics are typically written in all caps.


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