Thursday, 24 July 2014


Conversation, whether face-to-face or online, takes  place in five steps: opening, feed forward, business,
feedback, and closing

The first step in conversation is the opening, which usually involves some kind of greeting: “Hi.” “How
are you?”

In the second step of conversation, you usually give some kind of feed forward in which you may seek to
accomplish a variety of functions. “Haven’t we met before?” or “Nice day, isn’t it?” In e-mail you give
feedforward simply by sending the message, which tells the other person that you want to communicate.

The third step is the business, or the substance and focus, of the conversation. We converse to fulfill
one or several of the general purposes of interpersonal communication: to learn,relate, influence, play, or help.

The fourth step of conversation, feedback, In feedback we reflect back on the conversation.

The  last step of the conversation process,the opposite of the first step, is the closing, the goodbye .  Like the opening, the closing may be verbal or nonverbal but usually is a combination of both.The closing usually also signals some degree of supportiveness—for example, you express your pleasure
in interacting “Well, it was good talking with you”.

Content taken from Joseph A DeVito 's Human Communication Basic course book