Monday, 7 July 2014

Drama vs Theatre

Both drama and theater are words associated with performing arts and have a very similar meaning that is enough to confuse a lot of people.

Drama is a word that comes from Greek Drama, which means to do or perform. It literally means action. Drama has many forms, one of which is theater. The act or process of performing a play in front of an audience is dramatization. 

Theater is the personification of a drama on stage. It requires space, individuals who play characters, and people who see the act . Theater is a collective effort of many people, dramatist or a playwright, a director, actors, and technicians to make audience believe that whatever is happening on stage is real. Theater is a very important performing art, and with passage of time, it has taken many new forms such as television soap operas and even movies.

What is the difference between Drama and Theatre?
• Drama can be in the form of a text, prose or a verse composition delineating a story full of human emotions and conflicts. However, it becomes theater only when it is performed on stage with actors performing the roles of the characters in the text.
• Drama is given life by performers on stage.
• Audience and stage are necessary for theater.
• Drama is one of the genres of theater where comedy, tragedy, or action may be other genres.
• Theater is physical while drama can be abstract and subjective.