Friday, 4 February 2011

Science Quiz

1.The lense which is used in Photography is.......              Convex Lense
2.The Gas used for artificial ripening of green fruits?              Acetylene
3.Which is the rarest element?              Astatine
4.Magnetic field is measured by..........              Flux Meter
5.The working of a Rocket is based on the principle of ?              Newton's Law
6.The minimum volume of water is at a temperature of ..
4....... Degree Celsius              

7.Light emitted by sun reaches earth in about               8 minutes
8.Electricity was invented by              Michael Faraday
9.The human heart beat per minute at an average is              72
10.Time difference between IST and GMT is              5.30hrs
11.Which country built the first nuclear power station?              Russia
12.Plaster of Paris is made from              Gypsm
13.Meningitis is a disease which affects the               Brain
14.The year in which Pluto was discovered ?              1930
15.White Coal is               Hydro-Electricity
16.Purest crystalline form of Carbon              Diamond
17.Valcanisation was conducted by              Good Year
18.What is the melting point of Diamond?              4000 Degree Celsius
19.Which of the following is not a natural polymer ?            

  (a)Cellulose              (b)Plastic              (c)Rubber              (d)Silk
20.During Sleep               Blood Pressure is reduced
21.Filteration of wastes from the blood in human body is done by              Kidney
22.An astronaut in an earth satellite will observe the sky as              Black
23.The virus of AIDS affects the growth of              T cells in Blood
24.Which of the following is a semi conductor ?              (a)Copper              (b)Germanium              (c)Silver              (d)Zirconium

25.A hole is made in a brass plate and it is heated , the size of the hole will              First increases and then decrease

26.Sugar can be tested in a Diabetic patient by              Benedict's test
27.The sex of a child before birth can be determined by              Amniocentesis
28.Plants growing in dark areas are called              Scatophyte
29.The resting time of heart during the interval of each compression is called              Diastol
30.'Utopia Planitia' is a place in which planet/satellite              Mars
31.The organism which have nervous system but do not have brain              Hydra
32.Antitoxins is used against Diptheria obtained from              Horse
33.The satellite which discovered the Ozon layer              Nimbus-7
34.Osteomalaria is caused due to the deficiency of which Vitamin ?              Vitamin D
35.The sea breeze and land breeze are caused by difference in              Heating of land and sea
36.The Red blood cells (RBC) is also called as               Erythrocyctes
37.Quinine is an alkaloid that cures which disease ?              Malaria
38.Boiling point of water in the Farenheat scale is               212 Degree
39.The most essential component of a refrigerator is              Compressure
40.The planet which is often called the earth twin is               Venus
41.What does C.N.G. stands for              Compressed Natural Gas
42."Which sphere is known as ""Chemosphere"" ?"              Ozonosphere
43.Magnesite is              Magnesium Carbonate
44.Which of the follwing is known as Ramanujan Numeral               1729
45.Normal Blood Pressure of man is               80/120 mm HG
46.The deficiency of Iron in man may result in              Anaemia
47.The largest gland in Human body is              Liver
48.Fossils are usually found in              Sedimenary Rock
49.Acetyl Salicilic Acid is commonly known as              Aspirin
50.Which is known as white coal              Hydro Electricty