Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Swadeshi Movement was started in the year?              1905
2 Who was the heroine of Quit India Movement?              Aruna Asaf Ali
3 Gandhiji started his Dhandi march from              Sabarmathi
4 Who is considered as the father of History?              Herodotus
5 Vaso-da-Gama disovered India in the year                            1498
6 "The King of England who signed ""Magna Carta"" was"              King John II
7 Who was the first president of All India Trade Union Congress(AITUC)?              Lala Lajpat Rai
8 "Who was known as ""Man of Destiny"" ?"              Napolean Bonapart
9 Which colour was commonly used in Harappan Pottery?              Red
10 The Indian freedom fighter who was known as 'Frontier Gandhi' is               Khan Abdul Gafar Khan
11 Tansen ,a great musician of his times, was in the Court of               Akbar
12 Suez Canal was opened for traffic in the year              1869
13 """Ballot is stronger than the Bullet"" Who said this?"              Abraham Lincoln
14 The first Olympic games was held in              776 BC
15 The All India Muslim League was formed in 1906 at              Dhaka
16 Ankar Vat is a temple in              Combodia
17 John. F.Kennedy was killed in the year               1963
18 The Congress party was formally split into extrimists and moderates at the Surat session of              1907
19 Indian National Army fought Second World War against              British
20 Modern Olympic games started in 1896 in              Athens
21 Which of the following dynastics was ruling over north India at the time of Alexander's invasion ?              Nanda
22 The year in which Second World War started              1939
23 Burma, presently Myanmar was separated from British India in the year              1935
24 Who was the designer of the Statue of Liberty in USA ?              Fredric Auguste
25 First common wealth was held at              Hamilton(Canada)
26 The fifth story of Qutabminar was added by which King              Firos sha Tuglaque
27 French revolution began in the year              1789
28 Sanchi portrays the art and sculpture of the              Budhists
29 The 'Master of Greek Comedy' is              Aristophanes
30 The only women ruler of Delhi Sultanate Raziya Sultana was the daughter of               Ilthumish
31 Where is Black Pagoda              Konark
32 """Ashta Pradhan"" adorned the court of"              Shivaji
33 Beginning of Saka Era               78 AD
34 Indian Association was founded by              Surendranath Banerjee
35 Holly book of Judans             The Toras
36 The year in which the ship Titanic sank              1912
37 Israel came into existence in the year              1948
38 Who was the founder of city of 'Amritsar' ?              Guru Ramdas
39 Founder of Arya Samaj was               Dayananda Saraswathi
40 The word 'Hindu'as reference to the people of India was first used by              The Arabs
41 The Civilization which developed on the banks of the river Tiber is known as              Roman
42 In which year was Jesus Christ born ?              BC 4
43 From which country did Fascist party originate              Italy
44 The Harappan Civilization was discovered in the year              1921
45 "The ""East India Company was founded in India durinhg the reighn of"              Akbar
46 Russian revolution took place in the year           1917
47.Who is the father of Indian Renaissance ?              Raja Ram MohanRay
48.First Deputy Prime Minister of India ?              Sardar Vallabhai Patel
49.Who was the First Prime Minister of India to face the No-Confidence Motion ?              Jawahar Lal Nehru
50.Who was the last Viceroy of British India ?              Lord Canning