Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Steps in Perception-How the ways we perceive others shape our interaction with them

Steps in perception Process or How to perceiving others

Steps in the perception Process

Their are three steps in perception

We have selected which data we will attend to. The selection may influence by our interest or motives and our emotional state that also shape what we select. 

Another step is organisation. After selecting information from the environment we must arrange it in some meaningful way in order to make sense of the world. We call this stage Organisation.
We organize our perceptions of other people using perceptual schema . 
PHYSICAL  CONSTRUCT We classify people according to their appearance  beautiful, ugly fat or thin old or age.
 Rule constructs use social position student, attorney, wife etc
Interaction constructs focus on social behaviour friendly helpful aloof sarcastic etc
Psychological constructs refer to internal states of mind and dispositions confident, happy, insecure.

 the kind of constructs we use strongly affect the way relate to others.


We have selected and organised our perceptions and we interpret them in a way that makes some sort of sense. Interpretation plays a role in virtually every type of communication. 

There are several factors that cause us to interpret a persons behaviour in one way to another. that is

      1.  the degree of involvement
      2. relational satisfaction
      3. personal experience
      4. assumption about human behaviour
      5. Expectation
      6. knowledge of others