Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Benefits of Human Communication


The Benefits of Human Communication
 We will benefit in lots of ways. Our knowledge of human communication and our mastery of many of its skills will enable us to improve our presentation, relationship, leadership, thinking, and interaction skills.

1.Presentation skills enable us to present our self  as a confident, likable, approachable, and
credible person. Our ability to present our self in a positive light, through our verbal and nonverbal messages.Incidentally, it  is also largely through our skills of self-presentation

2.Relationship skills enable us to build friendships,, work with colleagues,and interact with family members. These are the interpersonal and relationship skills for initiating, maintaining, repairing, and sometimes dissolving relationships of all kinds

3.Leadership skills enable us to communicate information effectively in small groups or with large
audiences and our ability to influence others in these same situations are among our most important
leadership skills. In a workplace world that operates largely on group interaction, these
skills are increasingly essential if us are to be an effective organizational member and will help us
rise in the organization.
4.Critical and creative thinking skills. It  helps us approach new situations mindfully—with full conscious awareness. In case of  media literacy this ability help us to  to analyze the media and not let it influence us in unproductive ways.

5. Interaction skills help us to improve our communication in a wide range of forms, from the
simple small talk to the employment interview for the job of a lifetime. Interaction
skills will enable us to communicate with greater ease, comfort, and effectiveness whether we are
proposing a life-long relationship or apologizing for some transgression.