Monday, 22 September 2014

What You mean by Integrated Personality ?

The term personality comes from the Latin word persona, which means ‘mask’.Personality is the mask that has been given to you to keep your original face hidden.  “Personality is defined as an individual’s characteristic pattern of thoughts, emotions, and observable behaviors.
Well integrated personality is the sum total of harmonious expression of:
  1. Physical self
  2. Energy self
  3. Intellectual self
  4. Mental self/moral
  5. Blissful self/spiritual self
To attain these five fold method, we follow:
  1. Self effort
  2. Self control
  3. Self reliance
  4. Self sacrifice
  5. Self knowledge

Physical self relates to our senses and Mind & body are related. Proper nourishment and growth of physical faculties is essential by way of balanced diet, recreation, and concern from near & dear ones. . A simple pat on the back for any achievement in life goes a long way to build up confidence. However discretion and discrimination are the key words in this regard, otherwise, there will be chances that senses would create havoc by way of infatuation and attachment to the sense objects.
Energy self is It relates to metabolism and gross manifestation of energy (PRANA) e.g breathing. The control of prana is achieved by control of anger, anxiety, and restlessness.
Intellectual self concern with discriminative power and knowledge. In addition to sincere and formal studies reading of books like biographies of noble person.
Mental self is related to stress and psychology. Here selflessness, control, concentration, and calmness play an essential role.
Spiritual or  Blissful self is the function of state of being. It calls for remaining calm and unaffected nay to remain happy, free from worldly affair, in calamities and disasters, in suffering or loss, in failure and success.
Swami Vivekananda says that We are what our thoughts made us. Thoughts travel far & fast. So take care of thoughts. If good impression prevails, the integrated personality becomes good. An integrated person develops upward. We are influenced by:
Influence of parents: The personality begins to get formed in prenatal stage. Parents knowingly or unknowingly mould the personality of the child by their thoughts and actions. When the child is little big, he watches and imitates his parents. Mother influences in moulding the character of a child. Saints are generally born of men and women of great character. For building integrated personality earlier, it is better we catch our children early.
Influence of teacher: Teachers influence in moulding the integrated personality of children. If parents and teachers are confirmed noble character, their wards will mostly be of same character. That is why, education in olden days was in the hand of ideal man and sages.
Influence of environment: Besides parents and teachers, there is a powerful influence of social environment. This can be creatively handled for building character only through homes. Ethical conducts have to be cultivated from childhood which takes care of the human personality and its fulfillment. Success lies in the development of will power, character, concentration, detachment, righteousness, ethics and attainment of spiritual illumination.