Monday, 19 March 2018


-Soft Skill-

Regarding Assignment 

1.      Coping with Fear-
What are the fears affected You?
2.       Coping with failure-
Differentiate Success and Failure?
3.       Coping with Depression-
What is the reason for Depression?
4.       Team Work-
How to help team work get your success?
5.       Leadership-
What is the meaning of leadership?
6.       Attitudinal Change-
How the attitudes help us to reach our goal?
7.       Emotional intelligence-
What are the steps to emotional intelligence ?
8.       Group Discussion-
How do we participate in Group discussion?
9.       Interview Skills –
What the needed skills are for attend an interview?
10.   Career Guidance-
What is the importance of Career guidance?
What is the difference between careers& Job?

Watch Movie 

The Pursuit of Happyness  Submit the review

Read the book : Rich Dad &Poor Dad: The theme of  story notable quotes, inspiring incidents
Write an article 

Assignment submission deadline March 28,2018.

You are requested to submit the assignment before the due date